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About Me

I'm Martin, and I'm currently an algorithm engineer at I was previously a PhD student at IST Austria in Bernd Bickel's group working on computational design and fabrication of soft robots. You can find my CV here.

I have broad interests within computer science, including: algorithms (approximation, parameterized, probabilistic), compilers and runtimes, comput­ational geometry, concurrency, geometry processing, computer graphics, high performance computing, inter­active computing, numeric algorithms, operating systems, pro­gramming languages, systems programming, and probably much more.

In computing at large I also enjoy 4k monitors, free and open source software, game development, mechanical keyboards, typesetting systems, and thinking and writing about it all. Outside computing, I appreciate beer, cooking, music, pizza, reading, self-sustain­ability, whisky (both the -y and -ey kind), wool clothing, and more.


I have a technical blog in which I try to write on topics I care about.

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