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Things I Donate To

All1 of the software I use and much of the digital content I consume is free as in beer. You, the reader, basically have one course of action to ensure that the people working on the things you enjoy, but not pay for, have the financial support required for them to continue working on it: donations. If you use an adblocker, like me, and don’t want to disable it even for the content creators you enjoy, like me2, donations is the number one mechanism to help financially.

It’s really easy to donate money, so help out the creators of the software and/or content you enjoy, and donate money.

I prefer donating monthly, because I’m likely to forget that the donation is running and might very well ending up donating for a longer period of time, and donate more3.

The Zig Software Foundation

They develop the Zig programming language, which I consider to be one of the more interesting new languages we’ve gotten in the past 20 years. They’re a small team and a non-profit.

The Wikimedia Foundation

You know Wikipedia, and you’ve probably seen their banners asking for donations. It’s very easy to set up a monthly (or one time) donation on their site. There’s a red donate button on the top right of their page. You almost certainly use Wikipedia and they do need donations, so I encourage you to donate.


They make high quality video game documentaries. As of March 2021, they’re only two people. If you have seen any of their work and would like to see more, I encourage you to donate as well.


Lichess is an online chess site run by a non-profit organization. It’s really good. It’s all free without any ads; it’s really just chess, and it has a huge community and a staggering number of games are played there every month. Oh, did I mention it’s also open source? If you need more convincing from the people in charge you can read Why Lichess will always be free.

  1. I couldn’t come up with a single example of software I have paid for that I use today, but I might be wrong. ↩︎

  2. I don’t disable my adblocker; I don’t think I’m a content creator you enjoy ;) ↩︎

  3. This is basically “forgot to cancel my subscription to that stupid service” but tured on its head from something bad to something good. ↩︎