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January 25, 2016 back to posts

My last attempt at writing a blog didn't go so well. It turns out that finding the time to write a post that is even slightly interesting can be a challenge. But as we've just entered 2016, I'm trying once again.This first post will be a super fast rundown of how this blog was made.

I didn't want to spend too much time on creating this web page, as web really isn't my thing. Therefore, I went with the static site generator Hugo, which is written in golang. The only reason I chose Hugo over, say Jekyll or Hexo, is that it was easiest to set up. I tried to use Jekyll for a while, as my previous blog attempt used Jekyll, but after messing around with Ruby for 30 minutes trying to get something like virtualenv to work, I gave up.

The sites design is very simple, and somewhat inspired from this, although my css file ended up around 50 lines. It is also worth noting that there is no JavaScript here --- at least on the pages that don't have any math. (I did consider figuring out how to generate images from latex, but I think using MathJax is a better alternative.) Of course, in the year of Let's Encrypt, the site is https only.

Lastly, my posts gets from my laptop to the webserver by git. I have set up a remote repository on theserver, with a post-receive hook, which runs Hugo, and moves some files around. The script is really short, and probably has faults.

Thats about it. Nothing more, nothing less. Hopefully, I'll get around actually writing posts this time --- I'm targeting at least one new post each month.


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